Without aducation we are nothing


withot aducation we are nothing

I believe that without education we are nothing. There are many important things we need in our life, especially education. Education means getting to know and understand yourself and the world.  Firstly, one of the best gifts is education. Secondly, people with degrees and higher education have many more choices in getting job than people without qualifications. Thirdly, education is an investment in the future. So if we want to be a successful people we have to be educated and experience.

Firstly, education is the best  gifts you could ever receive, because once you have it, no one can ever take it from you. And education is not only in the class but we can get education everywhere because whatever you hear and you see is education also. Not only education that supported someone to get success, but experiences supported too. There are a lot of people who success without highest academic but they have many experience. The example is Bob Sadino he is one of the richest people in Indonesia. He has not any degrees course but he can passed all the challenge and be a success-man.  It proved that not only education we can get success but  experience supported too.

Secondly, people who have an education and experience have more opportunities in getting job than people who doesn’t have education. As we know that education and experience make people success in getting job because educate workers are more productive. They are able to understand their role in their company or organization, and work out of interest rather than necessity.  Uneducated workers, on the other hand, are dissatisfied and have low morale. Research by Globe of World in 2013 showed the number of rich people it because their education and experience.

Name Country The rich Graduate of university
Carlos Slim Mexico 73 U$ National Autonoma De Mexico
Bill Gates AS 67 U$ Harvard University
Amancio Ortega Spanyol 57 U$ Harvard University
Warren Buffett AS 53,5 U$ Columbia University
Larry Ellison AS 43 U$ Chicago

From the research more people that are educate and experience, the better place the world will be.

In addition investment in education means you can change the world with your knowledge that you have got. People who spend money on education expect a better life for their children and more money for themselves. A highly educated population is good for the economy of the country. Foreign investment is attracted by an educated workforce because people who educate have hard skill and soft skill ability.  When they have hard skill automatically they have ability in knowledge and when they have soft skill they have ability in communication and interaction with the other people.  So that investment in education is important because education is never get loosed.

In summary, education is everything. If we want to be a successful people we have to be educated. Education and experience is the best gifts you could ever receive, it prove that only education we can get success but experience supported too. And the other hand with education we have more opportunities in getting job and better place the world will be. Education is investment in our life also because education can change our life to be better.


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